Biotech Beat Reporter

Cover stories across the healthcare spectrum as they relate to biotechnology innovations both scientifically and socially.

Forbes Healthcare

Contributor to Forbes for various articles related to healthcare, focusing primarily on the opioid epidemic in America.


Reframe Column for Visura

The Reframe Column is a series of essays and interviews aimed at examining new media and visual storytelling.
(Photograph by Mike Goldwater)


PeakVisor Hiking Guides

I write and photograph for hiking guides for a variety of locations including the Caucasus mountains, as well as the eastern US and Southern California.


Lexington Herald Leader

Contributor for the Lexington Herald Leader on a number of stories about Kentucky life.


The Lane Report

Contributor for the Lane Report focusing on articles centered around business and healthcare in Kentucky.


Stalin Exiled These Two Sisters To Kazakhstan. A Lifetime Later, They're Finally Breaking Their Silence.

After the Soviet ruler banished thousands of “enemies of the state” to the empire’s furthest reaches, the shame and stigma kept most quiet for decades.
Story for Narratively.


This wrestling villain praises Hillary and invokes Obamacare. Meet the Progressive Liberal, who's body-slamming his way through Trump country

"The music stopped and Daniel Harnsberger — all 6-foot-5, 237 pounds of him — burst through the black curtain and jumped into the ring. Kids booed. Mothers shouted “snowflake.” A girl shot him thumbs down, and a logger threatened to take a swipe at him..."
Photographed for the LA Times.


Clary Estes

Clary Estes is a documentary photographer and writer from Central Kentucky who works internationally.
Website via Visura

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