Stalin Exiled These Two Sisters To Kazakhstan. A Lifetime Later, They’re Finally Breaking Their Silence.

After the Soviet ruler banished thousands of “enemies of the state” to the empire’s furthest reaches, the shame and stigma kept most quiet for decades.

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This wrestling villain praises Hillary and invokes Obamacare. Meet the Progressive Liberal, who’s body-slamming his way through Trump country

"The music stopped and Daniel Harnsberger — all 6-foot-5, 237 pounds of him — burst through the black curtain and jumped into the ring. Kids booed. Mothers shouted “snowflake.” A girl shot him thumbs down, and a logger threatened to take a swipe at him..."

Photographed for the LA Times.

Health Care: The Pain of Losing Employees to Opioid Addiction

Business community cautiously works to keep options available for employees dealing with addiction. Part 3 of 3

Written and photographed for the Lane Report.

How far can you push yourself? For these ultra marathoners, a long, long way.

When you ask an ultra marathoner why a person would want to run 100-miles, the answer is a bit ineffable, but ultimately the challenge is in pursuit of finding, and pushing, the limits of human ability and coming to a closer understanding of one’s self. Humans run 100 miles or more because it is possible.

“It’s like the mountain, it’s because it's there,” describes Al Edwards who lives in Kentucky part time, and who finished ninth.

Written, photographed and video produced for the Herald Leader.

The Cost of Ignoring Mental Health

Businesses are destigmatizing behavioral care and adopting strategies to add billions in productivity. Part 1 of 3

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Meeting the Need for Behavioral Care

Providers are adding more psychiatric hospitals, beds and residential treatment space across Kentucky. Part 2 of 3

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Fox-hunting club carries on long-held tradition — without a fox in sight

Grimes Mill, home to the Iroquois Hunt Club, is surrounded by a picturesque countryside with historic homes and farmlands. On the first Saturday of November, the club hosts the longstanding tradition of the Blessing of the Hounds.

Started in 1880, the Iroquois Hunt Club is a local fox-hunting club, the third-oldest hunt club in the nation. It’s named after the first American-bred horse to win the English Derby.

Written, photographed and video produced for the Herald Leader.

Dirty Work Pays Off

Rubicon Global’s digital efficiencies are worth $1 billion, and its scale-up has just begun.

Written for the Lane Report.

Pet Therapy, Patient Benefit

Kentucky hospitals are a wagging about growing success of ‘canine counselors’

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Seeds of Hope

On a peaceful 40-acre farm just outside Lexington, early summer flowers are in full bloom and seeds have been sown for fall harvest – but the farm known as GreenHouse17 is growing more than just plants.

Written and photographed for Smiley Pete Publishing.

Mingle with the Millionaires: Derby fans seek out the celebs

As the celebrities come off the red carpet, before they head to the high-roller boxes, Derby fans get a chance to meet and mingle with some of the day's most famous attendees.

Video produced for the Herald Leader.