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The Colonialism of Photojournalism
clary estes
May 20, 2017
How do we become better as an industry?

The Colonialism of Photojournalism
"We are not bad photojournalist when we unwittingly benefit from a flawed system. However, we become bad photojournalists when we manipulate that flawed system to our own benefit, instead of highlighting the problems that are crippling the foundations of the industry we care so much about. We are better when we accept our mistakes and try to grow from them. We are going to make mistakes, it is just part of life, the point is to not make them again. We are worst when we become defensive and let our ego take over. I have often said that ego is the last thing that belongs in photojournalism, but unfortunately, it is usually the first place you find it."


Clary Estes

Clary Estes is a documentary photographer from Central Kentucky who works internationally.
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